Natural gas safety course for excavators

Earn a certificate demonstrating your knowledge of utility safety for natural gas.

Developed with the assistance of local excavators and safety professionals, National Grid offers a self-directed, interactive online safety program that provides workers and supervisors with the information they need to dig safely around natural gas pipelines.

This entirely web-based e-learning program includes a series of educational modules that you can complete at your own pace. These are followed by online interactive exams that test your understanding of the safety materials. If you were to take the course in one sitting, it should take about two and half hours.

Successfully complete the online safety program and receive your personalized Certificate of Completion.

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The safety modules include:

  • Module 1: Personal safety
  • Module 2: Partnering with 811
  • Module 3: Respect the marks and dig with care
  • Module 4: Responding to utility contacts

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