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Always notify 811 well in advance of digging.
State law requires you to contact 811 by phone or online, well in advance of digging or moving earth in any way – even for small jobs. This free service will notify member utilities near your dig site to mark the location of their underground lines, so you can dig a safe distance away from them.

  • Massachusetts and Rhode Island: Call 811 or 1-888-DIG-SAFE (344-7233) |
  • Metro New York, Long Island and the Rockaways: Call 811 or 1-800-272-4480 |
  • Upstate New York: Call 811 or 1-800-962-7962 |

It’s the Law!
If you don’t notify 811, you risk hitting an underground line. You or your coworkers could be hurt or killed, and you will be held liable for damages. You may also face criminal charges.

Pre-mark your dig area.
Before you contact 811, pre-mark your dig area with white paint, flags or stakes to help locators more easily identify and mark affected utilities. Document your markings with photos or video.



Notify 811 well ahead of digging, so underground utilities can be marked and you can work safely.