Tips of the trade | Pipeline safety
Welcome to National Grid’s Tips of the Trade. National Grid is committed to your safety, and these tips are intended to help you work safely near our facilities. Please review these tips with your coworkers at your tailgate or toolbox meetings before work begins.
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Spotter signaling at excavation site
Scraping or nicking a buried electric conduit or natural gas pipeline might seem like a little thing. It may be tempting to look for damage, and if you don’t see a crack or hear or smell escaping gas, to bless your luck and keep on digging. DON’T DO IT! If you do, you may be taking the first step down the road to your worst nightmare.
Instead, stop your excavation and report any electric or gas line contact to National Grid immediately, even if damage is not readily apparent.
811 Know what's below. 811 before you dig.
Call 811 or enter an online request at least 72 hours before digging in Massachusetts and Rhode Island (excluding weekends and legal holidays) and at least two full working days in New York (excluding the date of your call, weekends and legal holidays). It’s the law!
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