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Contact National Grid well in advance.

Fifteen to thirty business days before you begin major renovation or demolition work on or around any property, you or the property owner should contact National Grid to arrange to properly disconnect natural gas service and have the meter removed.

  • Phone your local National Grid Customer Service Center to talk with a representative about the scope of your project and get the required application form:
    • Long Island and the Rockaways:
    • Metro New York: 1-718-643-4050
    • Upstate New York: 1-800-642-4272
    • Massachusetts: 1-800-233-5325
    • Rhode Island: 1-800-870-1664

Be clear about the work that is being done.
It is not enough to request a simple shut-off of the gas when major work is planned. Shut-off is for transition to a new resident/owner when no construction or renovation is involved, and it is not safe to leave utilities connected while major construction is underway.

Do not begin work until you have a Service Line Disconnect Letter.
Once the gas service has been disconnected, National Grid will provide a Service Line Disconnect Letter confirming this fact. The local building/permitting department may ask to see this letter before issuing a permit.

  • You may apply for the natural gas disconnect and Service Line Disconnect Letter on the property owner’s behalf, if the owner provides an affidavit authorizing the work.
  • National Grid charges a fee to disconnect an active gas service line and obtain the Disconnect Letter as well as to reconnect service when the work is complete.

Confirming that natural gas service has been disconnected before work can safely begin is the shared responsibility of everyone involved with your project.


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